Sunday – Yoga, Health, and Dis-ease

How can your practice help you live fully?

Public health views health as not merely the absence of disease, but a sense of wellness in body, mind, and spirit. Even without a named ailment, many of us carry a sense of dis-ease: stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, mindless eating, overspending, holding tension and pain in our bodies, and a general sense that we are not or do not have enough.

ClareJoin Clare Kelley on tomorrow September 29 from 5 to 7 pm at TS Dupont – Bamboo Studio

and learn about how to use a yoga and mindfulness practice to bridge the gap between the absence of named illness (or illness) and feeling a sense of purposeful vitality. We will look at the stress response and how it triggers powerful and often unrecognized biomechanical responses, which over long periods of time lead to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancers, and other chronic diseases. We will learn practical techniques you can incorporate into your everyday life as well as yoga practice to trigger relaxation responses, prevent disease, and bring a greater sense of grace and ease to your everyday life.

This workshops is a works of love by our teachers in the Advanced Teacher Training program (ATT). They represent their central thesis work and involve a lot of passion, study, research, and hard work. All are welcome, but space is limited.

For more information about the pricing and registration, see the TS website here.

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