October Teacher Feature: Tiffany Arthur

2013 Teacher Tiffany

Favorite part of teaching yoga?

Hearing the yogis breathe together.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in what was a relatively new suburb of Dayton, Ohio. There were plenty of kids our age in the neighborhood and lots of undeveloped space (like woods and creeks) to play. My parents built us a tree fort and my mom painted it like a castle and named it Camelot.

Favorite food?

Pizza and a bottle of red wine

Favorite holiday?


Favorite vacation?

Ocracoke Island, NC

Three people, living or deceased, you would invite to the same dinner party?

  • Maude Bohecker Arthur–my father’s paternal grandmother and daughter of a Civil War veteran
  • Theodore Roosevelt–warrior, 26th president, champion of environmental conservation, trust buster, Nobel Laureate
  • Frank Uncapher–my maternal grandfather. He drowned on a fishing trip 3 months after I was born, so I never knew him.

If you could be one animal, what animal would it be and why?

Is human an option? If so, human–I don’t want to give up my opposable thumbs.

If I have to be something else, then I would be a wild elephant. Elephants are highly intelligent, sensitive, and grounded (you can feel their consciousness when in their presence). Elephants live in a matriarchal society and value family ties and social bonds. They feel emotion and mourn their dead. And lions fear them (for good reason).

Favorite pose?

Tree pose. It’s a grounding pose that encourages the yogi to focus on her root (foot) and core, while allowing for freedom and expansion in the upper body, similar to how the energy of the chakras works. And it’s a relatively easy balancing pose that builds confidence in yogis.

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