Lotus Blossoms Workshop

Jennifer T 6

The Lotus Posture is named for the lotus flower — a type of water lily that has multiple petals and floats on ponds and slow streams.  The lotus has its roots in the muddy water and blooms toward the heavens.  Moving with the water without losing its rooting, it is the perfect symbol of the Yoga practice that is both grounded and spiritually oriented.  It possesses a calm, quiet beauty that yoga practitioners can emulate  in the seated posture, which is often used for meditation.  This challenging posture requires deep opening of the hips, while being mindful of knees and ankles.
Join Jennifer for a 120-minute vinyasa practice, in which we will breakdown the mechanics and demystify this often seemingly-elusive pose. We will spend the first 60 minutes on strong standing sequences, then move to the floor for a series of seated poses, focused on longer holds to open the hips, culminating in full lotus and concluding with a seated guided meditation.
Contraindications:  knee injuries, sciatica

Cost is $35, or register in advance online here for $30 , members enjoy 15% off.

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