How sweet it is!

I am a summer girl at heart.  I love hot weather, the beach, long sunny days, green trees, and all the rest of it.  Now that there are two germ-toting children in my house, I also view summer as a well-earned reprieve from what can feel like a perpetual cycle of illness and recovery.  And wouldn’t you know it?  The first week of school and a cold settled in on myself and our youngest.  Womp womp.

We do our best, really.  Handwashing, lots of fruits and veg, exercise, and good sleep, and even an elderberry syrup for insurance.  But for this cold and the others that will inevitably find me this fall and winter, I will be comforted by these little guys.

photo (21)

These honey drops came to us from our neighbors and Arlington beekeepers, John and Amy Fry, of Victory Honey.  The drops are made from dark, rich, Tulip Poplar honey (which has an almost molasses flavor to it naturally) added to a very strong brew of Echinacea Elderberry herbal tea.  what The drops are now available for sale in the Arlington boutique!

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