Happiness and Yoga


I just completed Advanced Teacher Training (ATT) in one year, but it seemed like one minute.  The time flew by that fast.  It will take me some time to absorb everything that I learned in our sessions.
However, I am already incorporating what I learned from the yoga therapy sessions in my personal practice as well as in the classes that I teach.  I plan to continue pursuing my interest in yoga therapy in future trainings.

ATT challenged me on many levels.  One of the most challenging projects for me was teaching asanas that were not in my personal practice to students in the 200-hour teaching program. I picked inversions to teach because they are the asanas that scare
me.  It always good practice to find the comfort in my fear. Assisting teaching in the
TT-200 program was a  natural progression from the time I spent in TT-200 learning to
teach students rather than other yoga teachers.

Dedicating a year of my life to ATT made space in my life to devote to my personal
yoga practice as well as learn new teaching tools and improve existing techniques. I
make physical assisting a regular practice when I teach so it was helpful to physically
assist TS yoga teachers in their classes and to participate in assisting workshops.  It
was a chance to get frank and constructive feedback from other yoga teachers on my
I had the good fortune to focus my yoga thesis on the science of happiness (positive
psychology) and how to use it in personal practice as well as in yoga teaching.   Positive
psychology had been a long-standing interest prior to my yoga teacher training.  As I
researched this topic I realized how much it had influenced the choices I had made in
my personal life and how I could incorporate the concepts in my teaching. My thesis
workshop was an opportunity to share that information.

Participating in ATT has left me with a renewed commitment to my personal yoga
practice and continuing education as well as excitement about applying what I have
learned in the past year to my teaching.

Laura Trejo

To find out more about our 500-hour/ATT program visit: http://www.tranquilspace.com/teacher-training/advanced-teacher-training.html

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