August Yogi of the Month: Rachel Perlstein

Yogi 2013

Hello! My name is Rachel.

I am a American Cheese Society Certified Cheese Professional who loves to practice yoga in my free time! I’ve been practicing for about five years, which is also how long I’ve been working for Whole Foods. I absolutely love yoga and have found it to be an integral part of my healthy lifestyle. Along with healthy eating, running, biking, golfing, swimming and being active, yoga keeps me flexible, well stretched and sane! I just got married a few weeks ago and have been traveling a lot this summer. I will be leaving DC soon, and what I will miss most will be Tranquil Space. The amazing teachers, people and ambiance have left an impression that will not only be unforgettable, but hard to beat! Thanks so much!



One thought on “August Yogi of the Month: Rachel Perlstein

  1. Carol

    August 2, 2013 at 11:29am

    Yay Rachel 1. Congrats on your marriage 2. Congrats on recognition as yogi of the month. 3. I miss you already, and you haven’t even moved yet : (

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