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True life is lived when tiny changes occur. – Leo Tolstoy

Welcome to August at Tranquil Space. As usual, we’ve got lots of our sleeves including Tranquility Summer Camp, a gathering of Tranquil Space-trained teachers, a Yoga 3 Playshop Series, and much, much more. If you’re free THIS weekend, join me for Yoga + Writing or a Mindfulness journey exploring formal and informal practices such as meditation and mindful eating.

Last month I basked in a weekend of inspiration at the World Domination Summit in Portland (tune into the Tranquility du Jour Podcast sharing takeaways) followed by a week communing with former Tranquil Space yogis, editing my next book, Tranquilologie, and savoring lots of green juice on a 10-day detox. The theme of the summit is leading a remarkable life in a conventional world. I love the notion of doing things differently while designing a meaningful life.

After attending the Summit last year, my blog post highlighted struggle in the midst of transition. Although I was in a state of standstill focused on getting through my final year of social work school, processing grief around the loss of a beloved family member, and pondering “what’s next?,” I seemed to have a glimmer of insight into what would come. Namely, studying mindfulness, slowing down, and focusing on writing. Oh, and getting through a 600-hour internship! And the beautiful reminder of being enough. We ARE enough.

While sipping jasmine tea recently I penned a list of exciting projects-in-progress to get them onto a project list versus swirling excitedly in my head. Here they are:

  • Tranquility Tour: two months of spreading tranquility across North America in our vintage RV this fall
  • ChariTea: a Tranquility Tour kick-off and book release to raise funds for our charities (you’re invited!)
  • Tranquilologie: limited edition hardcover full color book filled with 200 pages of inspiration (releases in September)
  • Tranquil Space: beautification and ongoing cOMmunity development
  • Tranquillité parfum: a creation from Paris, explore more products from this delicious scent
  • Daybook 2.0: enhance for a November release
  • Tranquility du Jour Anthology: package favorite blog posts with own photograhy
  • LGSW: study for social work licensing exam
  • TranquiliT fall collection: maxi, sheath dress, new yummy organic stretch fleece, prints and more
  • Tranquil Space Foundation: programming and mission shifts
  • Year of Tranquility: an in-person and online program to deepen our connection to living tranquilly

What a difference a year makes! Sometimes we simply need to sit tight, work with our obligations, and know that creativity is percolating beneath the surface. It’s a matter of trust. Oh, and a bit of planting seeds.

All these tiny changes of loss, growth, shifts, struggle, and exploration continue to lead us to new places. And may we continue to seek meaning and creative fulfillment while making a difference in some small way. I love this quote by Mother Teresa, “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” Make ripples, my friends.

As we move into this new month I ask you, dear reader, how will you live a remarkable life in a conventional world? What ripples can you create? May tiny changes continue to occur and occur and occur. It’s where growth happens. On and off the mat. Namaste.

Kimberly Wilson

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