Wisdom from Advanced Teacher Training: Wendy Maines

Wendy ATT
I *just* completed the Tranquil Space ATT program, and the effects are still vibrating within. Over the past two years, I have gained new friendships, profoundly deepened my knowledge of and experience with yoga and both my teaching and practice have been forever changed.
A central requirement for graduation is a yoga thesis. Both a paper and presentation workshop on your chosen topic ensure you are well versed in the subject matter and can share your yogic bounty in a teaching role.
I have always felt that my practice was different than a trip to the gym. More than just physical exercise, yoga has been transforming me from the inside out, deepening my faith system and daily realigning me with my core values. I really wished to be able to explain to myself and others why; not just from a feel-good state of reference but also from an educated place. Why is yoga different and why are my spiritual beliefs enhanced from my practice?
As a working mom, I don’t have a lot of downtime to wax poetic on many issues. But as I had already set aside time for the ATT program and the thesis required some deep digging, why not use this opportunity to crystallize for myself in words and actions what I was feeling on the mat?
(An important aside:  as a human I should make the time to “wax poetic” on life’s most important issues and for me, my faith is at the tip of the list. It was a double score!)
Through research and interviews with other yogis and yoga teachers, I was reminded that yoga, while not a religion, IS a spiritual discipline. This would explain why it has different effects than a jog on the treadmill. I discovered new ways in which energetics and the chakras can play a part in one’s prayer life.
I reaffirmed that there are many Christians practicing yoga who feel as I do: that this practice is an amazing set of tools that can deepen one’s relationship with God. And finally, as a yoga teacher, I was able to compile these leanings in a way that can be shared with students to elevate any faith system.
That’s an awesome return on investment!
Yes, my posture cues and alignment knowledge is greater. Yes, my understanding of anatomy trains and Sanskrit concepts has deepened. Yes, I am a better, more well equipped yoga teacher from this process.
But I am also a better wife, mom, employee, yogi and Christ follower because of what I have learned.
I would highly recommend ATT to any 200 hr RYT looking to expand their teaching skill set, and you never know what other incredible life affirmations you might gain from the experience!
If you are interested in seeing a yoga thesis paper or learning more about my topic of Purpose, Postures and Prayer: Yoga as Experiential Worship, info can can be found on my website www.perfectpeaceyoga.org .
Blessings to you on your journey.
Aum Shanti.
Wendy Maines

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