Where are they now: Alice Wylie

buddha blessing

When I enrolled in the 500 Hour Advanced Teacher Training at Tranquil Space in the Fall of 2011, I had just retired from a long career of dancing professionally.  While I had been teaching yoga since 2004, that year I dove head on into it, teaching up to 16 classes a week in eight different locations (yoga studios, private homes, dance studios) around the area.  I poured all of the passion I had funneled into my dancing towards teaching.  It was extremely rewarding to shift focus from myself on to helping others discover the peace and fulfillment of yoga. But I wanted to further my education so that I could offer more to my students.

I appreciated having some years of teaching experience before I enrolled in ATT. I had time to absorb all of the information I learned in my previous trainings, and I knew where I needed to expand my knowledge. I had space to grow into my teaching and find my voice. In that time I also gained a perspective to choose a program that fit my needs.

A valuable lesson I learned through this year of intense study was to trust myself.  There will always be more to learn but we show up where we are with the best we have to offer. All the knowledge in the world does not make the teacher.  Teaching comes from a love within. As teachers and students we are always changing–changing the way we teach, changing the way we practice, changing the way we see the world within and around us.  It is important to be open to this change and to stay true to yourself.

I loved the Advanced Teacher Training at Tranquil Space! It provided a supportive and inspiring community of teachers and mentors for me to learn from and with.  I was craving a peer group with whom I could discuss yoga-related concepts and issues, and this provided that and new friendships, as well. I will always be very grateful for the support, inspiration and encouragement I received from the entire Tranquil Space community!

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