Vin, Yin & Zin: Balanced Fun for the Yogic Multi-Tasker!


Looking for an opportunity to flow intelligently through some asanas, while “marinating” mindfully in others, all followed by a Yoga Happy Hour? Look no further— register online for this Friday’s Vin, Yin & Zin workshop! Join Danielle for a yin~yang fusion flow in celebration of summer. We’ll move skillfully between active (yang) and passive (yin) postures in a practice that both energizes and balances the coessential energies of yin and yang. After our journey between Vin(yasa) and Yin, we’ll share a glass of organic wine (Zin*) and enjoy good company under the (almost) full moon. This practice will be physically accessible to all levels of practitioners.

Price: $40, members pay $34; register online for $35, members pay $29.75.; for $35, members pay $29.75. Taught by Danielle Polen. 

“Now that I have raised the glass of pure wine to my lips, the nightingale starts to sing! . . . be happy, for whatever our Winebringer brings is the essence of grace.”~Hafiz

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