Don’t Miss the Endurance Athlete’s Workshop this Saturday

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Please join me Saturday July 20th from 5-7p at our Arlington location for a Yoga for Endurance Athletes workshop. I’ve developed this workshop along with TS teacher training grad Andrew Simpson a runner and coach with FeXY triathlon team. This workshop is designed for athletes who participate in sports that require lots of repetitive motion (eg cyclists, runners, swimmers, rowers). We will discuss poses that may be particularly beneficial to your training, as well as poses that are counterproductive; no one wants to have their training derailed by a yoga injury so we will discuss ways to avoid poses that are particularly risky for athletes. We will discuss injury prevention, strength building, and how to work the supporting muscle groups. Additionally, recovery is a major component of endurance training so we will go over some techniques to improve recovery.

The format of this workshop will be some discussion followed by a practice of poses that we will talk through while practicing, focusing on alignment and modifications. This is meant to be interactive so bring questions and let me know before hand if there’s anything specific that you want to focus on.


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