The Science of Happiness

the science of happinessPositive psychology research indicates that we control 40 percent of our happiness with our daily thoughts and intentional actions. This workshop will discuss the factors that this research indicates enhances our happiness. These research results have been applied in schools and in the army by teaching the teachers and drill sergeants how to cultivate happiness in their charges to counteract depression, suicide and post-traumatic stress. You will learn about personal practices and exercises for enhanced well-being. Yoga teachers will learn how to apply positive psychology concepts in their teaching. We will have a short laughter meditation and yoga class. Laura Trejo will be leading this workshop on June 13th from 2pm-4pm. Reserve your spot HERE!

This workshops is a works of love by our teachers in the Advanced Teacher Training program (ATT). They represent their central thesis work and involve a lot of passion, study, research, and hard work. All are welcome, but space is limited.

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