Lose Yourself In the Music: Hip Hop Yoga at TSA

ts april meeting (26 of 1)If you’ve never practiced yoga to music provided by a live, in-studio DJ before, I highly recommend it. Yes, I recommend it because I’m the one teaching Hip Hop Yoga at TSA this weekend (hehe), but also because, in my humble opinion, it’s an amazing yogic experience.

Practicing to any sort of non-traditional yoga music is a fun and challenging way to mix things up; It takes an entirely different sort of focus to balance while surrounded by a heavy beat, yet it’s also a wonderful chance to truly get lost in the music and let your body move with the rhythm and sound.

I’ve loved hip hop all my life (something about my Atlanta roots may have led to this obsession), and when I first moved to DC and took Kimberly’s Hip Hop class at our Dupont location in 2009, I was enthralled. I had never taken such an upbeat, unique, playful class before, and I hoped that I would one day be able to teach in a similar environment.

Fast-forward to 3 years later, and here we are. I’m super excited and honored to be teaching the second-ever Hip Hop Yoga class at our Arlington studio, and hope that you’ll join me for this fun and festive practice (!!).

The workshop will take place on Saturday at 7:30pm at Tranquil Space Arlington, and will be deejayed by the fabulous DJ Marq Few (formerly known as DJ Ten).

See you there!

Mary Catherine

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