August Teacher Feature: Celebrating 10 years of Teacher Training


Kevin Waldorf Cruz – Teacher & Director of Teacher Training

3 Things You May Not Know About Me…

What I’ve learned on the mat, or teaching around the mat…

I’m Plagued by Injury

15 years ago I suffered a mild injury that took me out of distance running. At the time it drove me deeper into my practice and to take teacher training, as a way of healing and finding balance. It took years for the physical pain to go away. This injury holds me back in certain poses today. I don’t feel pain, but I’m still haunted by it. Sometimes I stop myself before going deeper, or I resist pushing my edge for fear of re-injury. I recognized in years of teaching that the things we tell ourselves about ourselves, tend to become reality. Yet sometimes these things can be self-limiting or not even true. There is a whole realm of potential within us, which exists beyond the self-limiting belief. While the tissues heal first, the process of healing is much deeper than just mending physical wounds.

I Don’t Like Line #3 of the Dedication

May our bodies and minds… May our thoughts be… May our practice be free of obstacles… (my record screeches to a halt)…What?!? While I love the idea of clearing all obstacles from the path, who wouldn’t?? My obstacles bring me back to my mat over and over again. Alas, I’m an obstacle junkie. Sometime obstacles are like old familiar friends- oh, there you are again; some obstacles present themselves like a math puzzles- let’s figure out the details until we find the solution; while other obstacles are the emotional kind- I feel exposed, I need to face some stuff; and other times it takes years to realize the complex layers of the obstacle- more honest introspection required. Working with these obstacles lead to the path of physical, emotional, and spiritual growth. So for now, I’ll keep my obstacles.

I’m Competitive

I never played sports growing up, yet I have this strange competitive streak. Please never invite me to your wedding and encourage me to catch the bouquet, because I WILL catch it (regardless of who is in my path). I try to turn this streak into something for the good. I don’t try to compete in asana performance, because then I’m missing the point of the practice. However, I do strive to explore this competitive edge in my compassion practices… I will show compassion when challenged… I will see the shared humanity in this situation… or I will not take this personally, even when I feel attacked. I struggle most against my ego, my need to defend, unfinished business, or those parts of me which are most insecure. However, when I look at the bigger picture, options change, space opens up. When I need the extra reinforcement, I remember the Buddhist Dedication of Merit: …”may ALL beings have happiness and the causes of happiness, and may ALL beings never be parted from Freedom’s true joy…” I find this work of compassion is a life’s work.

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Graduates of Teacher Training… Please join Kevin for the Teacher Sangha on August 17th at 2pm.

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