Yoga and Barre Workshop this Saturday!

barre 2Final chance to sign up for this amazing Yoga and Barre workshop! Awaken muscles and energy that you never knew you had before! This workshop will intersperse yoga and floor barre sequences to help you find strength in both heart and body. Barre work uses small, micro-movements to shape, tone and lengthen key muscles, including arms, thighs, seat and abdominals. We’ll work through these body-shaking movements and then compliment them with a vinyasa flow to help you awaken body & mind! Be prepared to sweat, shake and breathe.

$35 or $30 if you register online, members enjoy 15% off. 

This workshop will be co-taught by TS instructor Lauren Dunn, along with B. Fit Barre-Tender Rachel Wilson. Rachel is a barre instructor at in Logan Circle and a long time yoga practitioner.

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