WelcOMe to Our 5 Newest Teachers!

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We’re super excited to introduce you to our 5 newest Tranquil Space teachers, Stacey Detwiler, Melanie Buser, Aviva Klein, Beatriz Prieto Oramas, and Tiffany Arthur!

You’ll find these fabulous ladies teaching the following classes at both studios:


  • Monday 6:45am On-the-go: Stacey
  • Wednesday 6:45am On-the-go: Stacey
  • Sunday 12:15pm Yoga 1: Tiffany


  • Monday 6pm Yoga 1: Aviva
  • Wednesday 5:30pm On-the-go: Melanie

Read below to learn more about each of our new teachers…


Aviva Klein:

Aviva grew up in South Africa and was introduced to yoga as a child in the mid 70’s when most people thought it was weird.

She went to classes with her mom during school holidays, but it wasn’t until a back injury in the late 80’s that she found Iyengar yoga and learned that yoga not only helps to heal physically but also mentally and spiritually. Once Aviva tried Vinyasa yoga in 2000, she was hooked and completed her 200RYT in December 2011 at Tranquil Space.

Aviva sees yoga as an endless discovery and enjoys helping her students learn and discover more about themselves. Her integrated teaching style emphasizes fluid movement and creativity, with attention to alignment and allowing for space of one’s own self exploration. She focuses on breath and mindfulness to balance the mind and body while cultivation strength, vitality and harmony.

Off the mat, Aviva holds a B.A. in French and works as an account manager in a travel agency. She loves to travel and always seeks out local yoga classes. It’s most fun when the class is not in English!

She is most grateful to her teachers at Tranquil Space as well as those who have been most influencial including, her mom, Rodney Yee, Mary Pappas, John Shumaker and Patricia Walden.


Tiffany Arthur:

Tiffany is an economist and has been practicing yoga since 2000. As a social scientist, she has a keen interest in philosophy and anthropology, and enjoys exploring the many ways Eastern and Western philosophies coincide. Tiffany integrates Jungian concepts such as individuation, the archetypes, and the collective unconscious into her life, her practice, and her teaching, and believes they make yogic philosophy more accessible to Westerners.

Tiffany completed her 200-hour teacher training at Tranquil Space and has been teaching yoga since 2011. She has an athletic yoga practice and her classes focus on alignment and building confidence in her students. With her “can do” spirit, Tiffany seeks to bring forward the possible in all situations and all people.

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Melanie Buser:

Although Melanie discovered hatha yoga in 2002, her practice was inconsistent until she found vinyasa flow a few years later. While she was initially drawn to yoga only for the physical benefits, she soon noticed that exposure to the spiritual and philosophical aspects of yoga provided new reasons to show up on the mat with each and every practice. Melanie discovered Tranquil Space shortly before the move to 17th Street and completed Level 1 teacher training in September 2010. Feeling like she needed more time to develop her own practice before diving into Level 2, she completed her 200 hour teacher training certification in April 2013. Melanie’s enthusiasm for yoga is apparent in the care and warmth she brings to her teaching. Her light-hearted and humorous style shine through during classes that are upbeat, full of fun sequencing and sprinkled with challenging poses. She encourages students to make each practice authentic by working within the limits of that particular day.

Originally from the Midwest, Melanie moved to DC almost 11 years ago. After spending ten years working in higher education, she recently made the decision to pursue a new career in nursing. She will begin her studies at Georgetown in August and hopes that yoga will keep her grounded during the accelerated program. She is grateful to all of the exemplary teachers at Tranquil Space for their knowledge and encouragement.


Beatriz Prieto Oramas:

Beatriz teaches specialty yoga classes (prenatal, baby & me, yin, restorative, and yoga & meditation), with a nurturing and warm touch, a variety of international music…and a foreign accent. Her yoga education is rooted in Tranquil Space, where she completed the 200-hour vinyasa yoga teacher certification at Tranquil Space in 2010 and trained in prenatal and postnatal yoga and where she has also been a teaching assistant since graduating. These experiences have given her a great vantage point for observation and the opportunity to learn from the great community of teachers and yogis at Tranquil Space.

Yoga has been an integral part of Beatriz’s life since she began to practice yoga out of curiosity in January 2006, after a conversation about yoga at a friend’s house. Yoga has brought her strength, serenity, joy and relief, and through her classes she aims to bring the benefits of yoga to others as well, including special populations.

Beatriz is a political scientist with graduate degrees in International Affairs and in European Studies.


Stacey Detwiler:

Stacey discovered yoga in college after looking for something to even out her dance practice. Little did she realize, but she was soon hooked on the sense of calm and relaxation she got from practicing. With her dance background, Stacey loves the creativity and flow of vinyasa practice. After practicing regularly at Tranquil Space for several years, Stacey completed the 200-hour teacher training in 2013 and is excited to join the teaching team.

In her classes, Stacey works to create a safe and supported space where students can learn to recognize their edge, better connect with their bodies, and find some stillness in a hectic world. The yama of ahimsa, or the practice of non-harming, inspires and guides her approach to practice, teaching, and life off of the mat. She hopes to create a challenging and creative yet still accessible flow that draws on her years of dance training and love of movement. Her playlists draw inspiration from a wide variety of music, from indie to reggae to world to the blues and pretty much anything in between.

Off the mat, Stacey advocates for clean water policy at a national environmental non-profit. She hopes to pursue a graduate degree in water policy and management and enjoys hiking, dancing, and playing her guitar. She’s grateful for the incredible community at Tranquil Space who have supported her and continue to help her to grow through her journey as a yoga student and teacher.


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