TS Teacher Musings: Namaste Dads!



As a new mom, I know how important it can be to take time to come to my yoga mat.  It gives me time to release, detox my body with deep twists (something I truly missed while pregnant), and come back to a more balanced state of mind.  Women typically take up many of the coveted spots behind the stars at the studio leaving childcare (or furry-baby care) to dad.

Do you appreciate being able to meet your friends on the mat while dad does bath time? Is there a baby fur daddy in your life who walks the dog in the evenings so you can practice yoga?  Find time to say “Namaste” as Father’s Day approaches to the partner in your life!

Here are three tranquility tips for dad’s yoga mat this Father’s Day:

Brew Up Some Solo Time

Did you know that men can benefit from yoga just as much as women?  As parents we are usually helping our kids in some form with our neck glancing down.  Just think about all of the projects that you force your drishti down: picking up toys, feeding, reading, and talking.!  All of these activities force our head, neck, and shoulders to rotate downward.  Let dad enjoy some counter movement by giving him a gift card to take a yoga class and have some time to himself!

Partner Yoga

Dad too scared to step into the studio? Do some partner movements at home together that will help release your shoulders and you’ll probably get a few laughs together in-between.

  • Sit in sukhasana facing each other.  Take the hands behind your back, fingers pointing towards your partner, and dip your head back. Want to get juicier? Lift your hips up!
  • Switch the cross of your legs and take your hands towards one another.  Cross the elbows and find eagle arms.  Circle them right/left & take a few side bends.
  • Spinal twist!  Both of you reach your right arm around your lower back, with the back hand touching above your hip.  Reach your left hand out and grab your partner’s left hand (if you can’t reach use a home prop like a dish towel to bridge the space).  Look over your right shoulders and pull against your partner to deepen the twist.  Switch sides and repeat.

Daddy and Me Yoga

We’ve all witnessed that bond between dad and lad (or lass). The moment you release your negative energy for dishes left in the sink or laundry thrown on the ground…the whispers of sweet Baba anand (bliss to my dear one). Further this bond, by creating space for dad to do yoga with the little one, reading a simple story together (like Baron Baptiste’s My Daddy is a Pretzel), or maybe a quick savasanna to lay and look at the stars above.  Make sure you give your buddies time together to relax, play, and enjoy being a dad!

Namaste to all the dads out there who allow moms to go to yoga while you watch the kids both small and/or furry!


P.S. Merci to my son and husband for the sweet photoshoot.

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