Napenda Jewelry by Megan Bracy

For the past year we have been delighted to offer Napenda jewelry and gifts in our Arlington boutique, lovingly crafted by TS Team member and recent TT2 student, Megan Bracy.  Here’s Megan to share her story!

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“I have been creating jewelry for the past ten years. In the beginning I worked with two of my best friends and we called our business Napenda, the Swahili word meaning “to love or to like”. We sold our wares at craft fairs, art shows, and to friends and family. Years later, I moved to Washington, D.C, and I now sell my jewelry at the Tranquil Space Boutique. The name stuck! I use stones, gems, and sterling or Bali silver to create my necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. I have always loved the amazing power of gems; wearing rose quartz to activate the heart chakra, or turquoise to bring protection, I think it’s so powerful and beautiful. I love discovering the meanings of stones, their spiritual uses, the astrological signs, elements, and chakras they vibrate to, and then creating a unique piece of jewelry that will help someone to feel loved, creative, or empowered. Recently, I have also been making decorative peace cranes strung with beads. I think they look lovely hung beside a window or somewhere you can be reminded of peace and tranquility.

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