July Teacher Feature: Celebrating 10 years of Teacher Training!

Alison Lemon

Alison Lemon kid

Why did you want to take teacher training back in 2003?

I honestly don’t even remember thinking about taking teacher training. I was in class just about every day at that point. One day over tea and cookies, Kimberly asked if I was going to sign up for teacher training. It just seemed logical that if there was a way to spend MORE time learning about and practicing yoga, I would do it.

What did you learn/gain from Tranquil Space’s Teacher Training?

Back then I was working at a job I hated, and taking TT gave me somewhere else to focus my attention. It gave me a sense of purpose and accomplishment that I was missing at the time. I started studying yoga beyond asana and learning more about the history and philosophy of the practice. I already knew that yoga made me feel peaceful and grounded but TT helped me understand why. I understood yoga as a lifestyle and a life-long practice and not just a way to fill my time.

How has your teaching evolved over the past 10+ yrs?

I suppose that my teaching has evolved along with my own practice. I take things a little slower now. When I first started practicing, I fell out of an arm balance right onto my face. I just wiped the blood off my chin and shrugged. Now I am more concerned with being able to practice for another 10 years and beyond. I think about the same thing when I’m teaching. I’d like for students to keep up a steady practice and avoid injury.

What advice do you give or would you give to someone thinking about taking teacher training?

Why not give it a shot? If nothing else, it will help your own practice.

Why do you still teach?

Just like first taking teacher training, teaching just makes sense to me. Teaching keeps me committed to my own practice. My practice informs my teaching. I feel honored to be part of such a wonderful community of teachers and students.


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