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Don’t hurry, don’t worry. You’re only here for a short visit. So be sure to stop and smell the flowers.—Walter Hagen

Welcome to July at Tranquil Space and happy, happy summer. We’ve got the 21-day challenge, an assortment of inspiring workshops, and our annual Yogi Appreciation Week in store. I’ll be teaching on the 4th and offering my signature Art Journal Playshop, Yoga + Writing, and Mindfulness workshops later this month. I hope our paths cross as I’m in and out of the studio through the end of November with conferences, a vegan academy, and our upcoming Tranquility Tour.

While practicing the art of savoring during my time in Paris this spring, I have been focused on stopping to smell the roses. Literally. While this phrase is a tad cliché, there is an important lesson that lies within it. There is always something to complain about—weather, temperature, noise, hunger, thirst, et cetera. Or something else to rush off to handle. The repetitive notion of “if only things were X, then I would be happy.” I hear this in my own head and out of the mouths of others often. It’s this constant seeking of perfection. Resonate?

If only it wasn’t so hot, then this picnic would be perfect. If only my pigeon pose was more open, then my practice would be complete. If only I’d left the house 10 minutes earlier, then this traffic wouldn’t be an issue. And on and on. 

Why can’t we simply savor the beauty in front of us versus wishing things were different? I ask myself this question often, too. Often.

Today take a look around your home, office, or cafe {wherever you’re reading from} and find something to celebrate. Appreciate the tea you’re sipping. The music you hear. Your beloved snuggled up nearby. Can you slow down what you’re doing to embrace *this* very moment?

Moments are fleeting. Leaving only sweet memories. Can you slow down to savor life and make time for what matters most? After all, you’re only here for a short visit. Only you have the power to make this happen. I’m rooting for you and trying to do the same. Stop and smell the flowers. They’re worth it. And so are you. Namaste.

One thought on “July Musings from Kimberly

  1. France Menard

    June 27, 2013 at 9:17am

    Hi Kimberly,

    Beautiful photo and beautiful thoughts!

    Enjoy your summer and see you some time in the Fall.

    My husband and I are off on our boat on Sat. June 29 for an 8 week adventure up to NY, Newport and Cape Cod. We are very excited and fortunate to be able to do this.

    Bye for now. France

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