Core Series for Body & Mind

morning yoga

You’re in yoga class, rocking your chaturanga when your teacher asks you to “use the core”. Most of us think, time to pull the abs in. If you’re anything like me, maybe you feel a little guilty for letting them pooch out – Brittany Spears circa 2001 really did a number on our collective self-image! But in yoga, the core is a much deeper concept than just the abs. From a physiological sense, the core is all the anatomic structures that support the danda of the spine – its balance between strength and flexibility.

The core also encompasses a deep energetic connection. Deep core work stimulates your first three chakras: your sense of safety and security, creativity and sexuality, and how you participate in your world. Core work taps into your most authentic self, your bliss, deepest desires, and genuine feelings. Creating your intention, you work deep from your most divine self to manifest that intention.

Join Kevin and Clare for this transformative yoga journey. In our morning practices, we’ll explore new ways of approaching asana from the deep core line and challenge your physical and mental edge. Your hard work will culminate in our 2-hour workshop on Saturday as we juice up the core with everything you’ve learned, and then restore into the new relationship you’ve cultivated with yourself.

Detox, Cleanse & Clarify from Your Core w/Kevin Waldorf-Cruz and Clare Kelley
– 5-Day morning practice, June 10-14, 6:45-8:00 AM
– Sweet and Sweaty Restorative Flow, June 15, 2:30-4:40 PM

We’ll be rescheudling this series for later this summer… stay tuned!


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