Awaken: Yoga + Barre Workshop (Saturday, June 22)

IMG_4820 Rachel Wilson

When you hear about a barre class, images of ballerinas and tutus might pop into your mind. Well, one thing is for sure, there are no pointe shoes here!

A Barre workout uses elements of ballet and Pilates to lengthen, tone and strengthen the body. Exercises target key muscles groups like thighs, glutes and abs. Basically, you’re doing the tiniest movements but you get big results… think the long, lean muscles of dancer. But it’s all set to high energy music… it’s like a party, but with a burn.

So why combine barre and yoga? After realizing we (Rachel, the barre instructor & Lauren, the yogi) both had a love of yoga and barre, we realized how much the two influence each other. By expanding your practice of each, you can grow in more ways than expected. Think strong barre abs to help you fly into arm balances. Powerful legs to go deeper into standing poses. And a nice booty to look good in your yoga pants … ok, that one is for our superficial selves. But what we’ve really found is that staying focused in barre is a lot like being on your mat. We’re not going to lie. There’s a lot of shall we say, discomfort in pulsing in a plié position for 2 minutes. But finding that sense of being present is just like holding Warrior 2. Your body wants to come out of it, but you use your breath and your mind to be here now. In the end, you come out stronger and more awake in both mind and body.

Join Lauren and Rachel this Saturday, June 22 from 2:30 to 4:30pm, and you register here!


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