Yogic Threads Workshop

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In yoga class, you might have heard your teacher talk about some ancient guy named Patanjali and his collection of thoughts on the path of yoga?  Wonder who he is, er, was?  Patanjali is one of many well-known interpreters of The Yoga Sutras, a unique gathering of philosophical, mental, and physical practices designed to center and ground us on the path towards a supreme state of being and mindfulness.

Though thousands of years old, the Yoga Sutras hold important lessons for us today.  Considered one of the key yogic texts, the collection of aphorisms, through four distinct sections, provides a clear path to fostering a deeper connection between the mind and the body both on and off the mat.  From the beginning Sutras, where we simply observe what is and “begin the yoga” to a place where we are wholly integrated to experience life at its fullest, the Sutras offer something for everyone, yogi or not.

One of the primary purposes of studying these texts is to healthfully question the way we go about our daily lives and interact with the world around us.  The typical physical yoga practice is one small but important step, according to Patanjali, in his prescription for a rounded, holistic life.  Join us for a discussion and Q&A, followed by a practice that embraces the core concepts of the Sutras.  Feel free to bring a journal for meditation and reflection.  All levels of experience are welcome!


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