Mother’s Love Workshop

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Please join me this Saturday at 5pm for a 2-hour heart opening practice as we celebrate the mothers in our lives. In this workshop we will focus on opening and releasing tension and stress in the shoulders, chest, and hips—some of which can likely be attributed to our children. :)

This will be a challenging, all-levels, slow flow practice. After warming the body, we will hold standing postures for a minimum of 5 breaths, and seated postures a minimum of 8 breaths, allowing the new yogi to learn the alignment and the experienced student to fine-tune deeper variations. Breathing through these postures trains us to breathe through those challenging situations in life—when the baby won’t stop crying, the toddler has a melt-down in the grocery store, when the teenager is late for curfew, and so on.

Our 90-minute vinyasa practice will culminate with variations of bow and wheel poses, followed by 30 minutes of restorative yoga. All are welcome, whether you are a mother yourself or celebrating a mother figure in your life.



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