Mindfulness In Plain English: UpcOMing Book Club Meeting at TSA


Join Lisa, Katie and your fellow TS yogis on Sunday, June 9th, for a discussion of Mindfulness in Plain English.

TSA’s book club will be meeting at 7:30 PM in the Tea Lounge (at our Arlington studio) to enjoy tea and cookies, lively conservation, and to learn more about starting a meditation practice or tuning up your own practice.

“The purpose of meditation is personal transformation.  The ‘you’ that goes in one side of the meditation experience is not the same ‘you’ that comes out the other side.  Meditation changes your character by a process of sensitization, by making you deeply aware of your own thoughts, words, and deeds.  Your arrogance evaporates, and your antagonism dries up.  Your mind becomes still and calm.  And your life smoothes out.  Thus meditation, properly performed, prepares you to meet the ups and downs of existence.  It reduces your tension, fear, and worry.  Restlessness recedes and passion moderates.  Things begin to fall into place, and your life becomes a glide instead of a struggle.  All of this happens through understanding.”

“So, are these reasons enough to bother?  Scarcely.  These are just promises on paper.  There is only one way you will ever know if meditation is worth the effort: learn to do it right, and do it.  See for yourself.” (p. 10)

Mindfulness in Plain English provides a helpful guide to “seeing for yourself” by describing what meditation is and what it isn’t, clearly explaining how to practice, and discussing what to do when all those pesky distractions arise. If you’ve ever wondered how to start a meditation practice – or even what meditation is – or if you’re looking for a tune-up for your own practice, come join us.  We’ll spend most of our time together discussing the book and then close with a brief guided meditation.  All are welcome!

We hope to see you there!

Katie & Lisa

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