Meatless Mondays: 15 Min Brussels Sprouts & Tempeh Stir-Fry

Looking for a quick, delish and healthy dinner tonight? Look no further! I just found this lovely recipe on In Pursuit of More: Living with (Just a Little) Less. As I’m sure you gathered from the title, it’s a fantastic blog filled with tips about simplifying your life in a variety of ways. Including the amount of time it takes to make a yummy dinner!

Let me know if you try this one out!

Bon Appetite!

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Adapted from Bon Appetit

  • (20) brussels sprouts, washed, trimmed & halved
  • (1#) plain tempeh, cubed
  • (4) green onions, chopped & divided between greens & whites
  • (3) garlic cloves (optional – I omitted these)
  • (2) tbsp grated fresh ginger
  • (2) medium carrots, peeled & sliced on the diagonal
  • (1) medium red bell pepper, seeded and chopped fine
  • (1) tbsp cornstarch
  • (3) tbsp soy sauce
  • (2) tbsp rice vinegar (seasoned or unseasoned)
  • (1/4) cup water
  • (4) tbsp sesame oil, for the stir-frying

Start by combining the cornstarch, soy sauce, rice vinegar & water in a small bowl with a whisk. Mix and set aside.

As with any stir-fry or curry dish, the most important thing is be prepared with all of the ingredients before cooking. Prepare & cut the brussels and set aside in a separate bowl. Prepare the tempeh and set aside in a separate bowl. Finally, prepare the green onions (setting aside the greens separately in a bowl on their own) and the ginger & optional garlic. Prep the carrots & bell pepper and set them aside together.

When ready to cook, heat a large cast iron frying pan or a wok on high and add 2 tbsp of sesame oil. Once hot, add the brussels sprout halves and cook, tossing here and there to prevent burning, for 4 minutes. Set the brussels sprouts aside in a medium bowl. Give the pan a little wipe with a paper towel and return the pan to the stove.

Heating another tbsp of sesame oil, this time add the cubed tempeh and cook in the oil (you may need to add a little more oil). Cook, stirring, for 4-5 minutes until the cubes are golden, starting to brown, and a little (deliciously) crispy.

Set the tempeh aside with the brussels sprouts (you can use the same bowl). Wipe the pan again and return it to the stove.

Next, heat the remaining tbsp of sesame oil, and cook the ginger, green onions & garlic (if using) for one minute, until fragrant, being careful not to burn the garlic. Next, add the green onion whites, carrots, & red pepper. Stir frequently and cook for 2 minutes until the colors are bright and they are just softened.

Keeping the heat on, add the cooked sprouts & the tempeh to the pan and mix all of the vegetables well together. To finish, give the bowl of prepared sauce a good stir with the whisk and pour the entire lot over the hot vegetables. Stir well as it thickens from the cornstarch. Cook, stirring constantly, for a final 2-3 minutes until glossy, hot & gorgeous.

Serve on its own, or with cooked rice, garnished with the sliced green onions. On its own, this meal makes for a rather satisfying plate, though those with appetites for more may wish to include some grains.

As I mentioned earlier, this dish keeps incredibly well in the fridge for days and re-heats so well you may even find you like it better as the week goes by. It’s hearty & filling while still being 100% plant-based. A super powered meal if I ever saw one.


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