June Yogi of the Month: Patrick Archdeacon

June 2013 Patrick

A few years back, I re-located to DC. More accurately, I followed my girlfriend from North Carolina to Rockville in 2008. To paraphrase the immortal George Constanza, yada yada, I found myself alone and living in suburbia by 2009.

Eventually, I moved into DC proper, but didn’t have particularly high hopes that this would prove a quick fix for my situation. A lifelong introvert, I had come to rely on sports as my primary social outlet. Sadly, my back had blown up right around the same time as my personal life. Suddenly I couldn’t just go to a pick-up game and count on a no-look pass or a hard-fought play to break the ice.

Within a few weeks of moving to Dupont, I found myself in a conversation at the dog park with a teacher from TS. It had vaguely occurred to me that yoga might help with my back thing. I was hesitant, however, as I was very much up in my head about being seen as the creepy guy in the yoga class. Melissa tried to convince me that her husband went all the time and that I would be fine. Eventually, my desire to stand up straight again overcame my fear of not fitting in, and I signed up for the newbie package. Immediately I could tell that I had finally found something that was helping my back release and started coming regularly. Of course, I was still me. I spent my first year at TS carefully studying my feet as I quickly shuffled past the desk to a spot in the studio.

Somehow, in spite of myself and my doubling down on my general “no eye contact” approach to life, the people at TS eventually got me to look up, return a few smiles, and start saying “hi”. In the ensuing months and years, TS has become very much a home for me: I now look forward to seeing all the friendly faces at the end of my day. Being named yogi of the month kind of encapsulates my overall experience at TS: I’m not really sure how it happened or that I did much to deserve it, but I am very appreciative nonetheless! Being able to bend over again has been great. Ultimately, however, it has been less important than finding people with whom to grab dinner, or watch the Oscars, or share birthday cake. Thanks to everyone for making me feel welcome in your community!

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