June Teacher Feature: Celebrating 10 years of Teacher Training

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Anne T kid pic for June 2013

Anne Thiel

Why did you want to take teacher training back in 2003?
To be honest – I don’t really know. I had just started to practice more regularly with Kimberly, when I saw the teacher training announced in an email newsletter and something in me got really excited about it. I think initially I even thought “no way I will ever teach – I just want to learn more”, but all in all, it was more of a gut reaction (followed immediately by me applying and enrolling) than anything else.

What did you learn/gain from Tranquil Space’s Teacher Training?
It was a very solid introduction into the fundamentals of the asana practice and how to teach it. But most of all, I remember Kimberly introducing very early in our teacher training the yamas and niyamas and it began to dawn on me that yoga was a vast ocean of things of which the asana practice was just the tip of the iceberg.

How has your teaching evolved over the past 10+ yrs?
I have attended classes and trainings with a number of teachers and I think each of them has left and continues to leave a mark on my teaching. I think generally, there has been a shift to slow things down (age has definitely played a role in this, too!) and to pay more attention to detail of alignment while at the same time expanding the view of the context in which asanas are embedded.

What advice do you give or would you give to someone thinking about taking teacher training?

That’s a tough one. I feel each student will be in such a unique place that each would need a unique piece of advice!

Why do you still teach?
Sometimes I wonder myself! I think teaching makes my practice richer (a very selfish reason). Whenever I need to teach something, I inquire deeper into that subject matter and so by teaching, I learn more about it than I would have otherwise. Also, teaching yoga for me is like yoga for the mind. It requires me to be absolutely present with the class, the students, what I see – that everything else drops away – and that for me is the yoga of the mind.


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