Watch movies, help cure cancer


Maybe that simplifies things a bit too much, so I’ll back up. Bottom line: we want you to mark your calendar for next Wednesday night and get your tickets now for Lunafest 2013. Here’s why:

When we started Tranquil Space Foundation (you know we have a charitable foundation dedicated to helping women and girls, right?) our number one goal was to bring the energy and enthusiasm of the Tranquil Space community to things that matter off the mat. One of the things that we’re most excited about is our partnership with LUNAFEST, which allows us to bring a short film festival to DC every year that benefits the foundation and The Breast Cancer Fund (see… there’s the connection: watch movies, help cure cancer!). The films are all by, for and about women, so it’s perfectly aligned with what we do at TSF.

So… short film festival… this is some boring post-modern critical analysis snoozefest right? Nope, not at all… these films are funny, touching, interesting (sometimes odd) but always worth it. The selection each year never disappoints. Check out the trailer for the movies you’ll see next week:

LUNAFEST 2013 Films 

This is my favorite event we hold for the foundation. We kick it off with a little wine reception, announce our annual grantees, show some cool short films, and this year… we have Stella’s Popcorn, which is good enough to come for by itself. ON TOP OF ALL THAT (whoa with the caps lock)… you’re joining your fellow yogis in supporting two great causes.

So, what are you doing next Wednesday night from 6:30-9:30?*

Buy your tickets now:
Lunafest 2013 Tickets – $20 per person

Need details on where and when? See here and below:

Lunafest 2013

*What, you have plans!? Consider buying a “there in spirit” ticket and support the cause:
Lunafest 2013 “There in Spirit” – $20


In addition to being Tranquil Space’s Director of Operations and General Counsel, Tim is a board member of Tranquil Space Foundation.

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