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Why did you pursue teacher training?

I completed my 200-hour in the spring of 2006 with a really wonderful group of teachers and fellow yogis and yoginis. I remember with gratitude the level of support we all received to learn, grow, and expand. To make mistakes. To deepen. To inquire.

I entered with the intention to deepen my practice and to teach, if there was a calling to do so.

Did you start teaching after completing the program?

I did. I taught at Tranquil Space!

Where are you now?

I just opened a yoga studio in Los Angeles– Sattva Yoga L.A.  I will also be teaching at Golden Bridge Santa Monica. Golden Bridge for a long time only had a Los Angeles location in Hollywood and will now have a presence in Santa Monica. I am honored to be asked to teach there. I also teach privates, and have taught on the campus of Cal State Northridge.

If anyone from the TS community is in LA, please stop by! We would be happy to provide a student discount – just mention your Tranquil Space connection.

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Have you completed any additional teacher trainings?

Yes. I am always a student and love to deepen my practice. I am now 500 hour certified – having completed 3 of Max Strom’s 4 teacher training modules, and more recently studying Sattva Yoga in India with my teacher, Anand Mehrotra- who is a guest teacher at TS each summer since 2011.

My 200-hour with Tranquil Space really set a beautiful foundation for these other trainings. And really prepared me to be a teacher, to find and take my seat as teacher, and to guide a class through a yoga journey. I especially benefited from the emphasis on alignment, energy, and assists. Once I had a solid foundation in that, I felt confident to infuse my learning- and therefore my teaching- with more yoga philosophy and teachings.

Do you teach any aspect of yoga other than asana?

For sure. I teach Sattva Yoga- which includes asana, pranayama, meditation, and kriya, among other aspects. I also guide a free weekly meditation class, which I have been doing for 2 years now alongside my beloved, Adam, who is also a yoga teacher.

Tranquil Space was one of the first places I began to see how “beyond the asana” yoga really is. Yoga is infinite. I am so grateful for that initial peek into the infinite space that is a yoga practice. Yoga for me is now a life practice. And, I thank TS and the TS TT program for that.

Did your teacher training experience change your life path?  

My TS TT experience revealed that yoga is my life path.

What advice would you give to yogis currently considering pursuing a teacher training program?

Stay a student. Only from that place of consciousness is the teacher within revealed.


TS Teacher Training Graduate Guest Blog Feature – Brittny McCarthy (2006 TT200 Graduate)


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