May Yogi of the Month: Imke Jandreau

2013 Yogi

I joined Tranquil Space in January 2011 as a way to shake up my exercise routine a bit and to try and cope with a job that I absolutely hated. It may be a bit cliché, but yoga was actually my New Year’s resolution that year. I took my first class on Sunday, January 2nd with Jennifer Hamilton and was instantly hooked. I had expected class to be physically challenging (I am one of those crazy people that sickly enjoys a little RMS) but never anticipated just how calm I would feel coming out of it and how eager I would be to incorporate yoga into my daily life. Practicing yoga has allowed me to find peace in letting go of things (mental and tangible) that do not work to enhance my life. I read more, breathe easier and am generally less stressed. I am grateful for the TS staff’s limitless enthusiasm and ability to make any bad day seem a little better.



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