DC Yoga Week at Tranquil Space

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Believe it or not, DC Yoga Week starts next week! This year, DCYW will take place from Monday, 4/29-Sunday, 5/5. You can check out the DCYW website for all of the fun events and classes, and see below for our special DC Yoga Week offerings:

Tranquil Space Dupont

$5 Classes:

  • Monday- 6:45pm Yoga 3
  • Tuesday- 8pm Open Flow
  • Wednesday- 8pm Open Flow
  • Thursday- 8pm Yoga + Meditation
  • Friday- 7am On-the-go
  • Saturday- 1pm On-the-go
  • Sunday- 9am Yoga 1

 Free class:

  • Tuesday- 12:30 Prenatal On-the-go

Tranquil Space Arlington

 $5 classes

  • Monday- 6:45am On-the-go
  • Tuesday- 6:45am On-the-go
  • Wednesday- 10:30am Baby + Me
  • Thursday- 8:30pm On-the-go
  • Friday- Friday 9am On-the-go
  • Saturday-2pm Prenatal
  • Sunday-6pm Restorative

 Free class:

  • Tuesday-4pm On-the-go

We hope to see you on the mat next week! If you plan on attending one of our DC Yoga Week classes, we highly recommend that you arrive early – the $5 classes are all first come-first served only. We will close phone and online registration for these classes.

2 thoughts on “DC Yoga Week at Tranquil Space

  1. Susie

    May 1, 2013 at 9:41pm

    Do you have any DC yoga week classes at your arlington studio?
    Or do you have any “try a class” offers for new students?

    • Tim Mooney

      May 1, 2013 at 9:47pm

      Yep, we list them above! For new students we offer a $49 unlimited month of classes – you can learn more on the main website or give us a call or drop by!

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