Big news for Arlington!

The arrival of April allows us to unveil a little secret we’ve been keeping… and we bet you’ll love it if you come to the Arlington studio! If you’ve noticed the construction across Wilson Boulevard, you might have wondered what the heck was going on!

Introducing Tranquility Tower…



The first truly modern building in Arlington was designed by the award winning architects of Falschung + Falso and is specifically designed for the yoga lifestyle.


The ground floor and entrance levels include wide open spaces and plenty of room to maneuver for the studio and boutique entrance. We even have an outdoor balcony area with 20 foot high sliding panels to allow in some light and air on those nice weather days!


Tranquility Tower is LEED Certified Platinum with every green amenity you can think of, from passive and active solar to simple rainwater collection. We’ll actually be generating more energy than we use at the tower, so it’s likely we’ll be contributing some leftover juice to the national grid!

But why a tower? Well, our vision is to expand the yoga lifestyle beyond just a studio to total living! The ground level is retail boutique, second level is a massive series of 5 studios holding 100 mats each (we still can’t believe that!) and the remaining floors are reserved for like-minded business offices and residential living!


sketch of the 100 mat “Nirvana Studio”

The new front desk?

The new front desk?

Much more coming within the next year. Look for another huge announcement on April 1, 2014 (we love making big announcements on April 1st!) and we have the grand opening for the new Tranquility Tower and the new Tranquil Space Arlington on June 31st, 2014!

Super exciting! Happy April Fools Day everyone!

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