Yogic Threads for Your Yogic Path

buildingLearning to practice yoga, and maintaining a healthy, nourishing practice is a lot like building a big, tall skyscraper. You have to start with a strong foundation that can support the life of the building no matter what happens. The skyscraper teems with life and energy, and requires a great deal of maintenance to keep everyone happy and safe. Your yoga body and mind are exactly the same, and it all begins with the foundations – awareness, the 8-limb path, proper maintenance on and off the mat, and a steady, comfortable outlook. This is stirum sukham asanam, the key principle of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. Sound easy? As any yogi knows, It is, and it isn’t!

Join me for Yogic Threads in Dupont in March, or in Arlington in April, as we take small, digestible steps to walk the path of Patanjali. The Sutras are one of the core yogic texts, and offer an orderly view of why we do what do on our yoga mats, regardless of the style we practice. The real beauty of the Yoga Sutras lies in looking and feeling different to each of us, so we find what is relevant and necessary to support our own, unique paths. 

Prior knowledge of the Sutras is not required for our discussion, which will draw from several different scholarly works. We will then enjoy a thoughtful 60-minute practice to integrate key reflections with action. I hope to see you on the mat! Namaste!


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