April Yogi of the Month: Jurdana Izaguirre

'13 Yogi

I took my first yoga class in 2006. I had always been curious about what this “yoga thing” was and finally I decided to give it a try, so I purchased a 3-class pass at the former P Street location of TS and I have been hooked ever since. When people ask me why I like to practice yoga I always tell them that it has literally changed my life. Some people find that statement a bit exaggerated but yoga truly has been a source of peace and well being for me. I am always happy to go to class and even happier of how I feel after practice, both mentally and physically. In our daily lives we are always so busy, planning and thinking of what we are doing next. Yoga provides me with time to center and connect with my body and my mind. It is a lifetime journey that I am happy to be immersed in. The studio staff, particularly its teachers, have a huge part in creating the perfect environment. It is wonderful to be taught by the warmest people that truly enjoy the practice and teaching of yoga.

Thank you and Namaste!

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