TS Teacher Musings: 3 Simple Steps for Seasonal Allergy Relief



Do these photos cause you to cringe? Even just a little? If so, chances are that you suffer from seasonal allergies. As we all know, the Washington, DC area is notorious for having a high incidence of seasonal allergies. So what can you do about it?

Aside from medications and supplements, here are some easy ways to help relieve seasonal allergies:

 1. Pay attention to your diet:

  • Water- Just staying hydrated can help relieve allergy symptoms, so make sure you’re drinking enough water.
  • Green tea- Drinking green tea has been shown to be helpful for allergy sufferers due to the high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties it contains.
  • Moderation: When it comes to eating dairy and meat, practice moderation. Those who eat meat and dairy may want to at least reduce the amounts consumed during allergy season, as both have been shown to aggravate seasonal allergies. Also, research has proven that consuming dairy leads to excess production of mucus, which is our breeding ground for bacteria, viruses and fungi.
  • Read this great article for more information on how to “conquer allergies naturally.”

2. Practice Saucha (cleanliness)- Reminding ourselves of this niyamas can also be helpful during allergy season. Regularly cleaning items such as pillowcases and bedsheets will lessen the effects of the allergy season. See this link for more info about this from the Mayo Clinic!

3. Keep practicing yoga- A no-brainer! In general, it’s important to keep up a regular exercise program during allergy season, and yoga is actually particularly beneficial for seasonal allergies. There are certain types of asanas that specifically target affected areas–for instance, backbends help to expand the chest and lungs to increase lung capacity, and inversions help to open nasal passages and allow drainage. To learn more about the poses that can be helpful for allergy sufferers, check out this article.

Hopefully these tips will bring some relief to the beautiful–but allergy prone–spring season!

-Hilary Wentz

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