The new face of evenings at TS Dupont Circle

A big welcome to Seiphemo Monnapula, the newest member of our team and Tranquility Concierge for Sunday through Thursday evenings… be sure to say hello when you drop by next time!

Wedding photography in the DC are by photographers from Love Life Images

Seiphemo Monnapula (see-PAY-mo monna-POO-la) was born in South Africa and raised in the tiny landlocked country of Lesotho. He graduated from the University of Cape Town in 2002 with a degree in Historical Studies and Jewish Civilization and studied film on a Rotary Ambassadorial scholarship in Denmark. Following a two year stint as a middle school English teacher in South Korea, Seiphemo immigrated to the United States in March 2011. After almost two years of nagging, his wife finally convinced him to try a Tranquil Space yoga class. Within a few weeks, he was hooked. He’s now a proud yogi and thrilled to have joined the Tranquil Space team.

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