Reflections from TS Teacher Training

Signing up for Tranquil Space’s 200-hour yoga teacher training program is one of the best life decisions I’ve made.


I came to yoga to find a way to deal with anxiety and depression during college. I needed something to ground me and help me find a healthy mental state. Yoga was it. I started going to weekly yoga classes and it made me feel physically and mentally balanced.

Yoga became my saving grace when my father fell sick during my sophomore year and passed away a few days after the end of my junior year. No matter how drained or sad I was
during that time, I dragged myself to the mat a few times a week and always felt a little bit better after.My practice helped me feel alive in my body again. It taught me to observe my emotions and breathe through the tough things that came up for me as I processed such a profound loss.

I continued to practice regularly and, a few years after college, I moved to Washington, DC and in 2010 I signed up for the TS teacher training program to deepen my knowledge of yoga. I didn’t plan to actually teach yoga. Through the training program, I found my voice as a teacher and realized that teaching yoga is a gift.

Through TS TT 200 I did things physically that I never thought possible. I became part of an amazing community of open and loving people. I devoted my time and energy to learning the ethics and history of yoga, anatomy of the body, and what a powerful effect regular breathing and meditation practices can have on the brain and nervous system. This stuff fascinates me and provides endless practical ways to live a happier life.

When I first graduated the program, I gained experience by teaching at a gym in Bethesda. I have since moved to teaching two weekly classes at Buddha B Yoga located in the District. I also have held workshops for beginners and for relaxation.

The relaxation workshop was inspired by a Mindful Yoga Therapy for Veterans Dealing with Trauma teacher training I did with the Veterans Yoga Project. I did the training so I
could learn more about how yoga reduces the effects of trauma and other anxiety disorders. I learned how to teach top-notch relaxation techniques and have since offered them through workshops, my classes, and my blog DC Yogi.

Part of what I love about yoga, is that there is always more to learn. In addition to the Veterans Yoga Project teacher training, I’ve attended workshops on topics ranging from the anatomy of the breath to yoga as a pilgrimage. I read yoga books faster than Amazon can deliver them. And I have plans to start TT500 next year.

I work for a global health non-profit organization 40 hours a week, and devote many of my out-of-the-office hours to teaching yoga, taking classes, attending workshops, and authoring a yoga blog. Practicing and teaching yoga enhances my life in countless ways.

If you are thinking about doing Tranquil Space’s teacher training program, I say go for it!

The beauty of yoga is that there is something in it for everyone and the journey of learning to teach yoga will teach you a lot about yourself and your own practice. If you pay attention, you will find your way to a niche that resonates with you.

On a practical note, be sure that you have the time to commit to the training program. Prepare mentally so that you can fully immerse yourself in the experience and reflect on what you are learning. Teaching yoga is how I do my small part to keep the tradition of yoga alive and to create a

space where people can heal, grow strong, and thrive. My hope is that the practice helps my students find what it is that they need on and off their mats.

Yoga continues to be my grounding force. I am eternally grateful to all of my amazing teachers—especially the group of amazing teacher trainers at TS.

Written by Katie Fox-Boyd

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