TS Teacher Musings: “Wherever I Go, There I Am”


Today, Wednesday, I went to Ski Liberty. I haven’t been skiing in over 15 years. I was supposed to go with my daughter who’s 9, but she got sick the night before. Andy, my husband, offered to stay home from school with her so that I could go. By myself. Since I had carefully packed, planned and bought all of the gear I would need, I decided to go. By myself. Once I got on the highway I laughed out loud like a crazy person. I was so happy to be out on the road: on an outward journey instead of the inner one I’ve been maybe a little too self-absorbed with lately.

 The feeling of freedom and fun was priceless! I stayed on the green (easy) slopes and laughed my way down the mountain almost 10 times. I watched from the chair lift as snow boarders jumped and twirled and fell. I didn’t fall once. And I liked it like that. I had no need to compete, no need to meet up with anyone, no need to talk to anyone. But I did talk with all kinds of people on the ski lift. I asked the resort employees a lot of questions – how do I put on this boot? Where are the helmets? Can you help me put on my tag? Am I ok on this slope? They seemed happy to help. It was a slow day.

The best part about this one-day trip was the self-assurance I felt. This is something I’ve gained since the last time I went skiing and yoga’s been a big part of that growth. My feet, ankles, shins and thighs can take the action! But even more importantly, I am happy with myself as I am. I don’t get out much these days, but today I realized wherever I go there I am. I am who I am. And I’m happy with me. Even by myself.

-Carol Collins

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