Should you practice yoga when you’re sick?


It’s flu and cold season… we all know someone who has come down with a nasty, energy-sapping virus. We often get the question, “is it ok to practice yoga when I’m sick?” The answer is – it depends. The Om Shanti blog recently posted some thoughts on practicing yoga when you’re sick:

Personally, if I’m sick with these sorts of symptoms, there’s no way I’m going to class. I might, however, do a short home practice that is more restorative in nature. The main objective of these restorative poses, in my mind, is not to ignite some sort of magical yogic healing, but simply to keep the aches and pains of illness at bay. Reclined twists, supported backbends, or passive hip openers are generally my go-to poses when I’m under the weather.

A sick yogi ought to think about others, too. The people at your favorite studio, including your teacher, are your friends! So out of consideration for them, maybe take a few days or even a week off from yoga.

Good advice… a regular yoga practice may be a good deterrent to illness, but if you fall prey to a cold or flu bug, consider others and stick to a home practice for a few days. We’ll have a mat spot ready for you when you feel better!


image (cc) courtesy of mcfarlandmo on Flickr

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