March Yogi of the Month: Shaylee Edwards

Yogi - Shaylee

J’adore yoga! I began practicing on a basketball court floor at my university in 2007 under the caring, yet unconventional, tutelage of a friend. As someone who barely and rarely sits still, I was surprised with my instant smitten-ness. The calm! The peace! The hip flexibility! With the help of Rodney Yee yoga DVDs, I set out to deepen my practice. Moving to DC in 2010 opened up a whole new world–yoga studios! Pure Prana in Alexandria was my yoga home until 2011 when I relocated to the lovely square of Virginia and became a dedicated Tranquil Space Arlington member. The studio and its flock of talented teachers (and fabulous studio manager!) have helped me move my practice beyond poses to enjoy and explore yoga’s AMAZING meditative qualities. I am admittedly and completely dependent on its mind, heart, and soul opening benefits. When I lost my little sister in 2011, the inner stillness developed by frequent practice was my saving grace. Truly. I am always happy to be at the Arlington studio, with its warmness and happy inhabitants, and am honored to be a part of its beautiful cOMmunity.


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