March Teacher Feature: Celebrating 10+ years of Teaching

Sio baby on beachTo celebrate Tranquil Space’s 10 year anniversary of our Teacher Training program our senior teachers will be reflecting back over their journey! 

Siobhan Carranza

Why did you want to take teacher training back in 2003? 
I had been practicing with Kimberly for a year and really loved the practice and how it made me feel. I always found myself in teaching roles in my various jobs so I was curious about how one started teaching yoga. When I decided I would finally ask Kimberly she offered her first level 1 intensive and I took that as a sign. After the level 1 and starting to teach I had to learn more so I completed my 200 hour training in the logical place for me, my yoga home = Tranquil Space.

What did you learn/gain from Tranquil Space’s Teacher Training?
To some this may sound odd but I found my calling. The training is where I felt like I was where I was supposed to be. I was a fundraiser for 10 years and was a Director of Development at a hospital, very stressed, frequently sick and migraines when I did the level 2 in 2003. At the same time I was teaching 2 classes a week where I was so happy and within a month of the training I knew I had to make a change. So, I learned a lot about sequencing, assisting but my biggest lesson was to listen to my heart and the wisdom of my inner voice which was screaming to TEACH. 10+ years later, no regrets only joy.

How has your teaching evolved over the past 10 years? 
When I started teaching it was a lot to keep track of and while that is still the case it is much more intuitive. I am a better listener to my intuitive voice especially when it comes to student’s bodies, how I assist and the sequencing of a class. As a new teacher I know I was not as aware of the amazing intricacies of the body and how it is all interconnected. How the simple placement of feet on the mat affects the whole pose and how much what happened in a person’s life before they walked into class also affects each pose, their reactions to the practice and even their reaction to me. My respect for the practice is much deeper and I know that I will always be able to grow more as a yogi and a teacher.

What advice do you give or would you give to someone thinking about taking teacher training? 
It is a great experience for your practice and your understanding of the practice. I also tell people that teaching is not for everyone but our training will guide you on your path in unexpected ways. Some people start with no intent to teach but at the end know they do. It is intense but so rewarding and you get to form relationships with some wonderful people. Our teacher training has been a labor of love for 10 years but I am also extremely biased as I have the honor to teach in the training alongside some fabulous teacher trainers.

Why do you still teach?
Teaching yoga has been my most rewarding job, besides being a mom of course, and I love helping  people feel better both physically and mentally. Yoga keeps me humble because there is always something new to learn or experience and I love guiding my class to experience that too. I get to go to work and help people feel better and once a week I get to go to work and play “Ring Around the Yogi” with kids 4 and under!! How great is that?!!?

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