Yogi of the Month: Laurie Babinski

Yogi 2013

Laurie and her niece.

Who knew that I would fall in yoga love at Tranquil Space?

A friend first dragged me to the old P Street studio almost six years ago, and I hated every minute of it.  I couldn’t step my foot all the way forward to a lunge and my arms quaked in down dog.  Even child’s pose hurt my knees.  After a few classes, I gave up, completely defeated.

But two years later, the pressures of life had gotten to me, and I realized that I was sick and tired of always being, well, sick and tired.  I also wanted to go somewhere – these were the early days of the Blackberry – where no one could call, e-mail, or otherwise demand anything of me.  Where better than a yoga studio?

So I headed to the new Tranquil Space on 17th Street, and as you can guess, something clicked the second time around.  The quiet of the studio was a welcome respite from the world and the poses became easier with each class.  Eventually, I even tried arm balances and an inversion or two.  (Hey, at least I was laughing as I fell!)

It’s been four years since I came back to the mat, and Tranquil Space – both Dupont, near where I work, and Arlington, near where I live – has become a second home.  There’s nothing like starting the weekend with meditative sun salutations or ending the day with savasana and a spritz of lavender spray.

In December, I even finished Tranquil Space’s 200-hour teacher training, which turned out to be equal parts amazing, exhausting, and humbling.

I look forward to coming back to the warm Tranquil Space community in the new year.  After all, there’s always something new to learn and another pose to try to master (pincha mayurasana, anyone?) …

Happy New Year!


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