Yogi of the Month: Katherine Miracola

Katherine YogiI was first introduced to yoga and Tranquil Space a year and a half ago by a dear friend, who had been taking class there for awhile and fallen in love with the studio. At the time, I was looking for a new low-impact workout that would strengthen and comfort my back after a reoccurring injury.

After my first class, I too had fallen in love. Yoga has truly been one of the greatest additions to my life. Through yoga, my body has transformed in ways I would have never imagined. I find that I have a greater sense of gratitude on and off the mat, and am actively practicing kindness not only to myself, but to all things around me.

Yoga has helped me transition through some of the greatest joys and deepest sorrows that I have ever experienced. Coming to my mat each practice at Tranquil Space makes the wintery trek to the studio worthwhile!






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