January Boutique Item of the Month: Joyful Bath Co.

joyful bathThere are just a few days left to pick up the January Boutique Item of the Month at 15% off – Joyful Bath Co. bath salts, soaps and gift sets! Founded and Created by Chief Bath Mixologist, Rochel Roland, Joyful Bath Co. is on a mission to make your life a little more joyful and a little less complicated with the simple joy of a bath. Unhappy with the bath products on the market that are made with too much fragrance, oily residue and filled with unnatural chemicals, Rochel decided it was time to mix clean, organic salts and essential oils utilizing her background in agronomy (or soil science!).

We had a chance to catch up with founder and mixologist, Rochel Roland, to get the inside scoop on Joyful Bath Co. Check out the interview below.

What are some scent inspirations you have?

The healing benefits of a particular pure essential oil always come first when I’m deciding which ones to use. The scent just happens to be the lovely by-product of all that goodness. Recently I’ve been very drawn to black spruce for how it relaxes the body and mind.

What is your favorite thing about being an Entrepreneur?

I love building a lifestyle brand that is all about the joy of bathing. Being an entrepreneur is creative, hard work and very rewarding especially when I hear from customers how much they enjoy using our products.

What has been a challenge you have experienced started Joyful Bath?

There are so many moving parts and details to manage that sometimes it’s overwhelming. But then I just go and take a bath and it’s all better! It’s wonderful how in that relaxed state many answers and insights appear.

What’s a cool or unique thing about Joyful Bath Co. people may not know?

Our products are hand packaged by Amish folks in Pennsylvania.

There are just a few days left in January, so be sure to warm up this winter with a hot bath and pick up a few Joyful Bath Co. products for yourself at 15% off.


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