Detox, Cleanse & Clarify from Your Core: An Intensive Yoga & Pilates Series with Kevin & Clare

kevin's core series image
Feeling the need to tame your core?

Ready to recharge your New Year’s intention?

Feeling the mid-winter blues?

Want to realign and reinvigorate your practice?

Ready to detox from what holds you down, cleanse sluggish energy, and find clarity in your body and mind?

Then consider…

Tap into Your Core’s Power Workshop: Sunday, January 27th 11-12:30 pm
This first workshop shall introduce core-focused principles and yoga that will help you tap into the power within. We shall delve into the essence of the intensive practices, including: alignment, strength building, core-focused exercises, flexibility, and the power of intention setting. Find clarity in lasting renewal that starts from the inside- out.

5-Day Morning Sadhana Practice, January 28th-February 1st -6:45-8 am
Join us for this dedicated early morning sadhana practice with a special focus on yoga, pilates, and pranayama. These practices will build strength and flexibility, while deepening your yoga flow. Each day there will be a different physical and energetic focus including: legs, hips, shoulders, arms, back, with a daily abdominal focus. Invigorating, fun, and focused!

Sweet & Sweaty Flow + Restorative: Saturday, February 2nd 1-3 pm
This final workshop will build on the principles of detoxification, strength building, clarity, while finding the sweetness in the flow of vinyasa and ease of restorative yoga. We shall work to seal in the power of your positive intentions at the level of the body, mind, and spirit.

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