Boutique Feature of the Month

Each month we feature an item in our boutiques and you enjoy 15% off for the month (members discounts do not stack). This is January’s featured item. Boutique Item

Joyful Bath Company

This local bath company makes signature bath salts and botanical soaps which blend the healing elements of the land and the sea with bathing rituals and remedies from around the world. Natural ingredients including mineral-rich salts from the Mediterranean and Dead Seas; and organic extra virgin olive, palm and coconut oils mix with honey, buttermilk, ginger root, green tea, oats, coconut milk and pure essential oils.

No perfume or synthetic fragrances. No parabens or preservatives. No artificial colors or dyes. No animal testing. No detergents. Rinses clean. Pure, natural and healing–for men and women. Soak, lather and scrub your whole self or just your feet. Pamper away!  Fragrances include grapefruit, ginger, peppermint, eucalyptus, vanilla and lavender.

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