The Beauty of Restorative Yoga

This post originally appeared on TSA Studio Director, Mary Catherine Starr’s blog, Starr Struck.


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The two images above both show gorgeous, powerful yoga poses. Both poses have the ability to transform our bodies, our minds, and our energy levels. They both require the practitioner to work to let go completely, while paying attention to the breath, and they both require a great sense of self awareness. However, the first is meant to heat, energize, and detoxify the body, while the second is meant to cool, relax, and nurture the body. This is the beauty of yoga–it embraces and answers all of our needs in multiple ways, and there is a yoga antidote for every season.

Over the weekend, I taught my second annual “Preparing for the Holidays with Restorative Yoga” workshop at Tranquil Space, and as always, I was once again reminded of the beauty and power of restorative yoga poses.  The image on the right (above) shows one of the poses that we spent time in during this workshop, and I think it also accurately displays the difference between a more heated, vinyasa yoga practice (as seen in the image on the left), and a restorative yoga practice. “Preparing for the Holidays” is one of my favorite workshops that I teach all year, simply due to the fact that people seem to truly need it so much, and the sheer number of attendees speaks to this (it’s been one of my biggest workshops of the year both times!)–as does the looks on people’s faces both before and after the workshop. We just need stillness during this time of year, and it can be really hard to find the time and space for it.

To me, one of the most beautiful aspects of yoga…


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