Yogi of the Month: Christa Watson

I was introduced to Tranquil Space by a friend about five years ago.  What began as a sporadic class here and there has evolved into a habitual yoga practice.  After having foot surgery last year, I discovered that yoga was one of the only things I could do.  It was a humbling experience that taught me to listen to and be kind to my own body.  I love the feeling of strength and grounding that yoga gives me.  It’s a wonderful respite from the stresses of work and everyday life, my time to live in the moment and focus on just me.  There are so many things I appreciate about Tranquil Space – the welcoming and warm feeling you get when you walk through the door, the smell of lavender spray in the air, the hands-on approach and genuineness of the teachers.  I love that there is a class for whatever mood I am in or level of energy or adventure I am feeling.  I love that every class I go to, there is always something new that clicks. That feeling is just so satisfying and will always keep me coming back for more.



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