Yogi of the Month: Brad Nelson

I have to imagine that I’m receiving this wonderful recognition due in part to the dedication that I have demonstrated over the past year. This commitment partially stems from my belief in the power of yoga to evolve my mind, body, and soul to facilitate a happier and more meaningful life. More importantly though, the Tranquil Space culture, philosophy, and appreciation of its members is what brings me back to this studio month after month.  I would like to take this opportunity to extend a big thank you to all of the amazing individuals serving the Arlington studio who have created such a welcoming environment.

I have experienced many types of studio philosophies ranging from the extremely disciplined, solely focusing on the pursuit of enlightenment, to the more westernized, overemphasizing the physical aspect of yoga. I find these extremes short lived and unfulfilling, because they often forget to recognize a major tenet of the yoga ideology; balance. For me, TS provides an effective blend of physical challenge, mental tranquility, and emotional grounding which has brought about many positive changes in my life.

Another major draw for me is the studio’s warm energy thanks to a friendly and welcoming staff. For me, TS has served as a sanctuary which allows me to briefly escape the chaos of my surroundings, providing the much needed clarity and peace of mind that many of us urban mystics struggle to find. Every instructor has been amazing, offering consistent yet diverse classes which are both familiar and fresh. I cannot mention the instructors without noting my immense gratitude for one of my favorites, Mary Catherine. Thank you for putting so much care and effort into your classes, and making us novice yogis feel so comfortable. Your precise instruction, lovely music, warm heart, and choice of simple yet powerful passages, always brings me to a better place. My personal growth has been tremendous over the past few months and I thank you for that.


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